Real Girls Gone Bad is a site for 100% Real Girls, No Fakes, No Actresses, these are 100% Real UK Girls on their holidays doing what they would never dare do back home, most these girls will be left red-faced when they realize these videos and photos have been uploaded to the Internet, that's why we have to keep them locked away safely in the members area

Real Girls Gone Bad

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Real Girls Gone Bad have cameras around Europe, we bring to you the sexy
events which take place when UK girls go abroad. They think that nobody will find
out what they did while on holiday, but at Real Girls Gone Bad we make sure
that those memories will live forever in High Definition, naked star jumps included.

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Drunk Girls in an O'Neill's Wet T-Shirt Contest   Real Girls Drunk in the Club   UK Girls on a Pub Crawl in a Wet T-Shirt Contest   UK Girls on Vacation get Naked in O'Neills Bar  
This new generation of UK girls are a lot more daring than those who
went before them, when they go on their holidays to places like Magaluf
and Ayia Napa they are willing to take part in wet t-shirt contests which
in some cases end up with them completely naked on stage. To decide
the winner the girls are asked to perform naked star jumps, what fun
for all watching. Fortunately for all those not there plenty of people in
the crowd are ready with their HD cameras filming the full show!

Real Girls Gone Bad - UK girls on vacation   UK girls let their hair down on vacation   Girls kissing on stage   Drunk Girl in a Wet T-Shirt contest in Magaluf  
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Bar Crawl girl gets naked   Stripping Naked on Stage in Magaluf   Blonde Girls Kissing in the Bar   Drunk girl is about to get her boobs out for a wet t-shirt contest in Ayia Napa  
When girls go away on their holidays, the rules change, they want what
happens on holiday to stay on holiday, but fortunately for us many people
carry cameras these days. If you enjoy Real Girls, not actresses, this is
real live events in bars and clubs with UK girls taking part in wet t-shirt
contests and sexy ass shaking contests. These days it's becoming more
common that even the traditionally modest UK girls will even take down
their panties (after encouragement) and some but not all will take part in
a naked star jump contest to enable the judge to call a winner.

ENF Embarrassed girls on stage in a wet t-shirt contest   O'Neill's Wet T-Shirt Contest - UK Girls on Vacation   Drunk UK girls on holiday  
Drunk Girls in a contest, they're about to lift their skirts up   Video of Girls getting naked in a wet t-shirt contest   Girls getting their tops off in an O'Neills Wet T-Shirt Contest  
The girls lose their inhibitions while away on vacation, but we've
got the footage and we're getting new footage in every few days, there's
no shortage of UK girls on holiday doing things which they would
never normally dream of doing. The majority of the videos we get
from resorts such as Magaluf and Ayia Napa are in HD, we also get
plenty of Hi Res photos, there's no shortage of people providing us with
such videos and photos, the majority are exclusive and cannot be found
anywhere else on the Internet.

Group of girls agree to take part in a wet t-shirt contest   Crowd surfing in just her underwear   Panties coming down on stage, now the real fun begins  

Some of these girls end up completely humiliated doing naked star
jumps in an attempt to win the so-called wet t-shirt contest. All the
girls have a fantastic time and let their inhibitions go for a few
nights while on vacation. The girls have only agreed to allow
their videos to be published here on the basis that we keep them
safely in our members area to avoid causing embarrassment.

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